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Adult Web Design – The Best Layout January 28, 2008

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A lot of acre has to be taken to designing an adult web page. Just because it deals with adult sites, it does not mean that it can be done in a haphazard manner. It has to be designed in such a way that it not only attracts people, but also is not too offensive. The home page of the web site is most important. This is the page that most people will access.

If this is not interesting enough, they may move on to the next web site. The home page can be kept simple, and the basic instructions can be mentioned on the same. It can be mentioned how one can go about the site. It can also be mentioned what the content of the site is, and what one might expect. It is also important to mention the age of the viewers.

It is always safer to mention that only people above eighteen should view such sites. It is also good to allow people to know that these sites may not appeal to some. The use of the colors is also very important for the adult web sites. The more attractive it is, the more people will arrive at these sites. Thus choosing the right adult web design company is a good idea.

Adult web design cannot be looked at a small profession any more. It has grown in leaps and bounds over the years, and it has also been accepted by many people worldwide. The simplicity of the web site is also very important. Adult sites deal with entertainment, and no one wants to waste their time trying to find the right stuff.

Web designs for adult sites, are also available at reasonable prices. One need not spend too much on designing a web site. You can also join in with the designer and give as many inputs as you need. It is after all your web site. It would also help if you had a logo as well as other interesting things for the company. This will go a long way in reaching customers.

Most design companies will have professional designers and programmers who will do the needful. They will be very skilled, and will do whatever is necessary for the clients. It is also necessary that the required information be always given while designing a site. The site should not look as if something is missing. The layout of the site can be planned very well.

DreamTemplate - Web Templates

The site has to be planned in a way that all the information is easy for the viewers to see. They also need not spend much time in hunting for the right things they need. If it is a paid site, you must also see to it that it is mentioned clearly. People do not like hidden costs of any sort. Payment options can be mentioned, so that it makes it all the more easier for users. They will also be comfortable with these sites.


Tools for Professional Web Design January 28, 2008

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Article Directory | Tools for Professional Web DesignProfessional web designers having designed and programmed numerous sites, confidently recommend the use of Macromedia Tools for web design and development. As they are so easy to use, work on. The best web site development software and tool available today is Adobe’s Dream-weaver 8.

For professional web designer looking for a rapid application tool to design web sites, this is your best bet. People are being using Dream-weaver for a long time and highly recommend it to everyone who is interested in learning web site development. As this tool generates good HTML code for you, so you don’t have to be an expert HTML programmer to develop a web site.

It generates code for forms and to link up to a database using almost all popular technologies like PHP, ASP, XHTML and .NET. We can have Cool design stuff possible using Dream-weaver which includes rollovers, CSS styles, and server side includes templates and much more. Inbuilt extensions and downloaded extensions functions created by other developers are also supported and are a big help especially when time is a constraint and you cannot afford to build the functionality from scratch in Dream-weaver.

Professional web designers highly recommend Adobe’s Fireworks 8 for fantastically designed and optimized web sites. It is a specialized tool for web developers; we use this tool to design web site layouts, logos, graphic designing etc. It is also great for optimizing images and exporting them in the gif or jpeg format. Some of cool features in Fireworks include making animated gifs, swap images, rollovers, horizontal and vertical drop-down menus or fly-outs, auto shapes and much other cool stuff.

For web site animation Adobe’s Flash 8 Professional is the best software to use. It is very popular in web designing because you can do fantastic animations while still keeping the file size low and so that sites can load fast. We also have a huge online community of Flash developers so if you have questions or need resources like articles, tutorials, sound loops, flash files – it is all readily available on the Internet. Advanced features of Flash Action-scripting have given an absolutely new angle to web animation.

It is specially made for advanced Action-Script programmers. People who are not too keen on doing programming you can go in for the Flash Basic 8 instead of Flash Professional 8.

Most important is to have a reasonably fast loading web site so that viewers are not made to wait for a long time and to accommodate users on slow internet connections. Some tips should be taken care of while designing and developing your site, always make sure that your site doesn’t have any unwanted tags and that it is optimized. Always use design using nested tables instead of using cell merges and splits. And use separate tables where ever possible.

Author Resource:-> Kyle Newton is a Professional web design and ecommerce professional with 7 years of experience in the web development and internet marketing field. He has developed total online presence systems and has helped establish many successful online businesses.

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A Case For PHP Job Board Software January 28, 2008

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Article Directory | A Case For PHP Job Board SoftwareOf all the job board scripts available, it appears that the easiest and most practical ones are the job board software scripts. Companies are doing a lot of new things with these days and trends certainly indicate that its development will continue on into the far future. As an Internet programming language, PHP offers many levels of potential, and automating the process of developing working freelancer-client relationships online just happens to be one of them.Most of you have noticed the wide use of the PHP phenomenon through your travels on the Internet. Plain HTML web pages are quickly becoming a thing of a past while web pages continue to grow in popularity. As we approach a new decade within our recent millennia, we’re demanding more from ourselves. Automation and accuracy are just a couple of those demands while they remain at the forefront of a generation that demands immediacy. The result couldn’t have been packaged into a more perfect programming language – for PHP job board software satisfies these demands with ease, grace, and minimal effort.

In the past, we were able to function along pretty well with CGI Perl scripts. However since this programming language is a server-side language, it quickly dissipated into the background behind the much faster programming languages we have today, like PHP. PHP job board software is built with a server-side and HTML programming language, which means that the code it uses to operates removing some of the burden from a web server onto a visitors web browser. Perhaps one of the most specific advantages offered through PHP job board software is that it isn’t too difficult program to learn, and correcting errors is a simple matter of editing a web page.

This represents a substantial change from working with “yesteryear’s” scripts because in the past, the entire process of coding server-side scripts and then separately developing a web page was too cumbersome for most even unto today. Job board script on the other hand, gives us the ability to code functions right onto a webpage plus access one of the most advanced Internet databases around: MySQL.

Through a MySQL database, PHP job board software allows the administrator to keep confidential freelancer or client information organized and secured behind a private record system. If you haven’t already played with a MySQL database yet, you can think of this system as an MS Access database for the Internet. A MySQL database incorporated into job board script enables all the functions typically associated with storing data into tables, queries, and reports right into the hands of those who require strict adherence to organization and accuracy: your freelancers and clients.

If there could only be one thing said about job board script it would be that it’s the easiest to install and configure. Because most PHP web pages are edited in almost any web page editor program, the design of your particular job board is limited only by your imagination. PHP syntax incorporates HTML syntax. So that means you can add your images, logos, videos, and text in the same manner as if you were editing a plain HTML page from scratch – and create an online working environment that’s reflective of your company’s mission and goals.

And PHP is highly interactive as well. It’s ability to quickly process forms, send, and retrieve stored data makes it highly appealing in a world that requires fast communication and data transfer. Job board software fulfills these requirements probably better than any other kind of Internet programming language available. And one of the most remarkable things about this language is that you don’t necessarily have to know how to program it yourself in order to take advantage of it. Since it’s so popular, you can hire a programmer to set up your job board software the way you want it to work within as little as 24 hours.

Although we have been constrained in the past by limited Internet programming capabilities, we’re on the threshold of a new era that enables us to take what was once a brick and mortar operation, and put it onto the screens of millions of freelancers and employers. This gives us serious reasons to believe that most (if not all) employment operations in the future will occur through the use of the Internet with scripts like job board script and others.

Author Resource:-> Ron McNeil promotes job site software that allows you to run your own job board software site powered by WebScribble software located at http://www.webscribble.com/products/webjobs/

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Finding The Best PHP Dating Script Online January 28, 2008

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Article Directory | Finding The Best PHP Dating Script Online Internet is offering great opportunities for all the talented individuals who have great passion to start their own business at a very low cost. If you have enough passion and dedication you can start a social networking site, a job site, an inorganic search engine or some other thing. Most of these businesses want a very low capital investment.

One such concept which is quite hot in the internet market is online dating. With the increasing number of singles using the internet all across the world to find exciting relations, the concept of online dating is becoming increasingly popular. Already there are so many popular online dating sites like Match, Great Expectations, Yahoo Personals, e Harmony, Friend finder and many more.

To replicate the success of these online dating business models and to grab a piece of this ever growing market, so many interested entrepreneurs are looking out for opportunities to start their own online dating business. The basic thing these entrepreneurs need to start their online dating business is a good PHP dating script. PHP is definitely the most popular technology platform as it is a open source platform and as it also supports object oriented programming concepts.

There are many vendors available over the internet marketplaces that are providing PHP dating scripts. Some of those PHP dating scripts are available for a permanent, one time fees. The cost of these PHP dating scripts can be any where between 400 USD to 3000 USD. Most of these PHP dating script come with lifetime free upgrades also. The buyer can use this PHP dating script on as many domains as he wishes.

Some other vendors are providing these PHP dating scripts on the basis of a license fee per domain. When the buyer wants to use the same PHP dating script for another domain, the buyer has to buy another license. In this case also, most of the vendors provide with lifetime free upgrades.

Some other vendors of these PHP dating scripts provide both the options. They even provide buyers with an option for a free trail for a limited period of time like 30 days or 60 days. Most of the times, the vendors also provide with an option of hosting the PHP dating script at their end.

There are some other vendors of these PHP dating scripts in the internet market place who are offering those scripts for free. However, the buyer of those PHP dating scripts should carry a small link which advertises the vendors product list or simply advertises the same PHP dating script which he bought from the vendor.

As a buyer of these PHP dating scripts you should keep a few fundamental things in mind while making a choice. First and foremost thing to see is the target market for your online dating business. After getting a good understanding of your target market you should be able to anticipate the type of requirements for your target market. This can be done by studying your competitor’s website business and by getting direct feedback from your prospective customers.

When you understand the basic demands of your prospective customers, you should list down all of them. Then you should try and find out a PHP dating script which can meets at least 80% of that wish list. You should also see how easy it will be to incorporate the remaining 20% features into that PHP dating script.

These points should give you a great understanding of the available PHP dating scripts in the internet market place. With this you can easily zero down to a single cost effective and efficient PHP dating script for your online dating business.

Given the great amount of choice available in the market place, the chances of finding a right PHP dating script is quite high. However, if you don’t find a PHP dating script which can meet at least 80% of your wish list and which can get the rest 20% quite easily; you shouldn’t get compromised.

You should put in some quality time and prepare a concrete SRS (Software Requirement Specifications). After preparing a perfect SRS you should try and find a good and professional PHP programmer along with a professional designer, even on a freelancing basis to develop your PHP dating script. You can find one on freelance market places like Rent A Coder or e Lance.

Hence, only the passion for the business and the dedication which can show can yield the results which you are looking for in your online dating business.

Author Resource:-> Ron McNeil promotes php dating script to start your own dating site and run your own dating software site powered by Web Scribble software located at http://www.webscribble.com/products/webdate/

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What is PHP Social Networking Software? January 28, 2008

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For those who are unaware of some of the programming languages things like PHP social networking script can seem rather strange, however if you are willing to take the time to really learn about some of the various programming languages you may discover that this is actually one of the best choices available. In the past, the majority of websites were all created using HTML, however in recent years this has rapidly declined as more advanced programming languages were created. PHP is one such example of the new programming languages that is available.

PHP social networking software is quite popular for several reasons. One of the biggest advantages that PHP social networking software has is the ability to be much larger and complex than HTML based programs. For someone who is looking into building a website based around social networking this is important because it allows you to really work at building a site that is large enough as well as stable enough to handle the needs of everyone who may call your website home. PHP social networking script has several ways you can purchase it as well; there are even some versions that are free which can provide you with a very low cost alternative as well.

Looking to find and even build a monster website in the past meant that you would need to have a lot of room for hosting your website, as well as deal with a lot of slow bandwidth issues if your site became very busy. PHP social networking software helps to eliminate some of these problems by providing a much more powerful, versatile and quick loading option that will still do exactly what you need done, without worrying over all of the minor details. However, if you are not able to find a prepackaged version of the PHP networking software you are likely to need someone to script it for you.

PHP is a highly complex language to learn and most people when attempting to learn it become very frustrated with the entire mechanics of the language. Very few who attempt to learn are actually able to build their own site using PHP, yet it provides numerous benefits in terms of what is possible to be done with your site. PHP is one of the best choices that is around in the ability to integrate some of the various components together with other pieces of software to create a completely customized solution. Other programming languages are not always as easy to integrate, however the ultimate decision over which programming language to choose varies greatly.

One of the largest well-known examples of PHP social networking software is Facebook, this is a site that has been scripted and designed largely using PHP as the primary language. MySpace is the largest and one of the most well-known social networking sites and many of the same features can be integrated into a PHP social network software package easily. One of the biggest tasks that you will discover is often choosing which features you are most interested in, this will often determine exactly what software you need to use. Of course while most programming languages can be designed to do what you want; there are some that are much more effective than others at the job. Choosing a program that is able to handle your needs quickly and efficiently is not always easy, but starting with at least determining what you are looking for will allow you to make a very informed decision about whether a PHP social networking software is the best choice for you.

You may be confused and you may not understand PHP at all, but this will not stop your ability to quickly and easily decide upon the best solution for your needs. You may end up discovering that PHP is much too complex for your needs, out of your budget, or plain inappropriate overall. There are plenty of options that you have and looking at a PHP social networking software should be just one of the many options that you explore in your quest to find the solution that is best suited to your needs, rather than the needs of someone else.

Time is ultimately money, deciding what is important to you is a much needed necessity and something that you need to be to be able to do on your own. Exploring PHP social network software may be your ultimate solution, or possibly grossly inappropriate but it is up to you to decide for sure.

Author Resource:-> Ron McNeil promotes php social networking software to start your own community software site powered by social networking software software located at http://www.webscribble.com/products/webnetwork/

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PHP Ticket System -It Makes Sense To Use PHP For Developing The System January 28, 2008

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Article Directory | PHP Ticket System -It Makes Sense To Use PHP For Developing The System Since a ticketing system usually has the two distinct parts of a database and an interface, it makes sense to use PHP for developing the system. PHP is a scripting language, commonly used to create websites that are dynamic and database-oriented.

It’s support for the vastly used MySQL database design puts it in an advantageous position. Typically PHP is used to create discussion forums. Apart from ticketing systems, it is used in developing content management systems, website guest books, and calendars.

A PHP ticket system is written in PHP and is usually a sophisticated ticketing system with a MySQL database as its backend. This system is hosted on platforms that can run PHP. It enables addition and use of functions such as user management in sessions and search functions. 29FIVE Helpdesk and osTicket are two of the many PHP ticket systems available today.

A Helpdesk allows you to maintain and monitor tickets while managing your customer and their information details. This system provides separate interfaces for administrators and customers. The web interfaces look more like applications because they have been built using Adobe Flash and run on MySQL and PHP. Therefore, use of this system requires a platform supporting PHP and MySQL.

Most of these Helpdesk was developed as a ticket system for any business that requires a maintenance and support system. The system can also be used for bug tracking in software development. The PHP ticket system allows both operators and customers to create a ticket. These tickets are assigned to operators for direct support to customers. When operators log into the system, they receive and view the tickets assigned to them. Once created, the tickets can be edited, put on hold, reallocated, or closed.

osTicket is a simple, widely-used, lightweight open source free ticket system developed mainly in PHP. The ease with which it can be set up and used makes it a desirable substitute to other expensive and highly complex ticket systems. osTicket lets you easily integrate all tickets with the web interface regardless of whether they are created using email or web-based forms. Despite being simple, it provides the basic functions of easy management, structuring and storage of your service and trouble tickets.

PHP ticket systems such as osTicket support aliases using PERL gateway, POP3 login, unlimited emails and setting up of email intervals for avoiding auto-responder loops. Other basic features include ability to limit the maximum number of tickets that a customer can open, options for filtering messages from replies and ability to accept and limit size of attachments.

osTicket allows administrators to permanently delete tickets from data bank, create departments and groups, create service operators or supporters, manipulate response messages, enable pager compatible email alerts and so on. For operators and supporters, this ticket system provides department-wise restricted access and rights. Users can login with assigned email IDs and ticket numbers. They can use the email ID to access and view tickets sent on that ID.

Author Resource:-> If you need a powerful solution for your support make sure you check out the Premium Response PHP Ticket System for more info.

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Find The Right PHP Classified Ads Script January 28, 2008

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Article Directory | Find The Right PHP Classified Ads Script Online business has become more of a way of living for many people after advent of many utilities and version updates of software brought about by various active and competent companies. Server side classifieds software can be used to create several kinds of showrooms for online buyers. The internet market is vastly developing and hence it is only wise to adapt the use of technologies to those that are appropriate. Classified ads have become more relevant and more attractive to the user and they can be integrated with many a software for efficient marketing and reach. When integrated with the billing software, the entire process of e-business becomes much simpler.

A database at its centre, a PHP classified ads script offers highly efficient results based on the queries to it. This is used to convey the deals in offer with their reference, details of the brand, indexed by a reference id or product id and the pricing details and the formalities thereafter. Apart from producing highly appreciable results, such classified ads script also has a potential to turn services more value added businesses. The potential to produce relevant advertising, incorporate dynamism with the display, adapting the display to the theme of the site or page are very interesting features.

Languages such as PHP, Perl have gained appreciation and more populated usage in today’s scenario of Web 2.0 technologies. PHP ads script, a more popularly searched for tool as compared to many other software of similar kind, is very dynamic and more relevant to the end user. For example, the PHP ads when installed on a server and used properly, which can be used on a variety of hosting environments, making only minute changes, as long as they support PHP versions required, produces ads that are more attractive, relevant and most importantly reachable for the end user . This means, simple business ads are more marketed with such scripts. It is easily maintainable with the admin interface that usually comes along with such PHP ads. Usually no coding for such software is required for customization .For example, PHP classified ads script may be easily customized to setup an automated online catalog of the properties for sale, car or automotive business, and impress potential buyers with requirements , which will be effectively used for the ads display.

Complete details of the product can be used to build a proper databank along with the exact details of the product in question and this can be easily maintained from any web browser .Customization can be specific to inventory, for instance in automotive business, the classified script can be customized to lay specific models or brands or location of buyer, or features available with a model or anything with a classifiable requirement.

Assigning such tags and categories makes it all the more easier for dynamic advertising and will not thrown away by user or qualified as adware by web bots scanning all the time. In short PHP classified ads script makes the updating of records to the database table easier because of the categorical approach.

Online billing is at a new level with advancements such as these PHP ads. Server side scripting disallows any ambiguity over the usage of the software by the client. Online billing software can be integrated with the PHP scripts for various payment methods applicable or offered to the consumer or visitor online. Advanced versions have multiple utilities with better querying facilitating its purpose for each requirement with their own custom fields. Such PHP classified ads script comes along with facilities to include pay per click advertising, time limited advertising and even link exchange programs.

The advantages dismiss the downfalls of such software. The PHP classifieds features ease of use, ease of install and the support documentation that will always invite an online billing software owner to use these services. Further, the ability to customize every part of the script (if technically qualified), ftp access also provides an added advantage to the billing methods. The integration with the online billing software, although a cause of concern to security analysts because it can produce a divide for hackers, it is not always a concern with advanced versions.

The PHP classified ads scripts usually accompanies Google compatible tools for statistics and search engine optimization and hence are very useful in turning businesses more productive. Such software provides a easy interface and the ability to integrate with online billing software and statistics of usage.

On final note, the PHP classified ads scripts has everything you need to script your online business and turn it more value adding to the customer.

Author Resource:-> Ron McNeil promotes php classified ads script to easily start a site with a classified ads script powered by WebScribble

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Web-Masters Tips For Absolute Beginners January 28, 2008

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For those of you who are familiar with websites, you will know that the days of just building your own website and making it live for all to view are not as simple as they were ten or fifteen years ago. Also gone are the days of using one-word keywords for good SEO and high Google ranking. One would say that websites are no longer something that people can maintain as easily as they could before, because search engines are constantly changing their rules and algorithms.

Those who are just starting out into the world of web mastery will perhaps have a vague idea of what SEO is all about and how important it is for your website. Of course, these days anyone who has the time can setup his or her own website, but not everyone can make money out of it. One thing is, if you are thinking about setting up your own website; do not bog yourself down with the way it looks, as search engine crawlers will not care about its flash appearance but will take notice of its content.

Before venturing into the world of websites, there are a few things you need to know – many people make the mistake in learning how to design websites and ignoring the understanding behind what makes a website successful. If you are one of these people that do not know your ‘traffic’ from your SEO’s then maybe you should read on.

Tips and Advice

Right now, you may be at the point of sitting down at your PC with a fantastic idea to set up a website, but have no idea where to start. Begin by doing your research. Look up the term in a search engine and see, what other websites already exist that relates to your website idea. The first page results are usually the ones that you would look at, so that gives you a clue of where you would aim to be in terms of SEO – search engine optimisation which is the term commonly used for improving the quality of ‘traffic’ to a website from search engines, using specific keywords.

If you do not wish to pay someone vast amounts of money to design and build your website then perhaps you should take a short course into web designing. It is worth learning the ropes on PHP, ASP, CSS and HTML codes, or even using something as simple as Adobe Dreamweaver. Training packages are available for these programmes, which provide detailed and concise instructions, so you will not get confused.

Look up how to use free content management systems if you are not keen on learning about web developing and designing. These will help build your website, as well as look after its content in terms of images, updating information and online applications. As mentioned before, it is fine to have website that looks appealing, but a website that is all flashy with no content for people to understand from is not going to sit well in Google.

Whilst learning how to start-up your site, look on the internet on ways of monetising it. Plenty of people have relied on traffic, and have had to pay for higher ranking in search engines, which cost those websites more money for people to click on their link. This is an expensive process and is not an organic way of gaining higher ranking. This is why it is important to learn about search engine optimisation, if you want people to look at your website then you will need to start swatting up about search engines. Look at how other people have managed to gain success from websites, read their testimonials and most importantly of all take your time.

You have to allow time for this process to start kicking in, as nothing ever happens overnight. Many of the people who now live off their earnings from their websites have not achieved this over a short period, they have stuck with working on perfecting it constantly and spent lots of time researching, learning about search engine rankings and being patient with their projects returning successful results. Therefore, it is wise not to give up your day job just yet.

Author Resource:-> Anna Stenning is an expert on the importance of SEO and has spent a long time understanding how this can affect your website. For more information on serach engine optimisation click on http://www.highposition.net

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