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Tools for Professional Web Design January 28, 2008

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Article Directory | Tools for Professional Web DesignProfessional web designers having designed and programmed numerous sites, confidently recommend the use of Macromedia Tools for web design and development. As they are so easy to use, work on. The best web site development software and tool available today is Adobe’s Dream-weaver 8.

For professional web designer looking for a rapid application tool to design web sites, this is your best bet. People are being using Dream-weaver for a long time and highly recommend it to everyone who is interested in learning web site development. As this tool generates good HTML code for you, so you don’t have to be an expert HTML programmer to develop a web site.

It generates code for forms and to link up to a database using almost all popular technologies like PHP, ASP, XHTML and .NET. We can have Cool design stuff possible using Dream-weaver which includes rollovers, CSS styles, and server side includes templates and much more. Inbuilt extensions and downloaded extensions functions created by other developers are also supported and are a big help especially when time is a constraint and you cannot afford to build the functionality from scratch in Dream-weaver.

Professional web designers highly recommend Adobe’s Fireworks 8 for fantastically designed and optimized web sites. It is a specialized tool for web developers; we use this tool to design web site layouts, logos, graphic designing etc. It is also great for optimizing images and exporting them in the gif or jpeg format. Some of cool features in Fireworks include making animated gifs, swap images, rollovers, horizontal and vertical drop-down menus or fly-outs, auto shapes and much other cool stuff.

For web site animation Adobe’s Flash 8 Professional is the best software to use. It is very popular in web designing because you can do fantastic animations while still keeping the file size low and so that sites can load fast. We also have a huge online community of Flash developers so if you have questions or need resources like articles, tutorials, sound loops, flash files – it is all readily available on the Internet. Advanced features of Flash Action-scripting have given an absolutely new angle to web animation.

It is specially made for advanced Action-Script programmers. People who are not too keen on doing programming you can go in for the Flash Basic 8 instead of Flash Professional 8.

Most important is to have a reasonably fast loading web site so that viewers are not made to wait for a long time and to accommodate users on slow internet connections. Some tips should be taken care of while designing and developing your site, always make sure that your site doesn’t have any unwanted tags and that it is optimized. Always use design using nested tables instead of using cell merges and splits. And use separate tables where ever possible.

Author Resource:-> Kyle Newton is a Professional web design and ecommerce professional with 7 years of experience in the web development and internet marketing field. He has developed total online presence systems and has helped establish many successful online businesses.

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