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PHP Ticket System -It Makes Sense To Use PHP For Developing The System January 28, 2008

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Article Directory | PHP Ticket System -It Makes Sense To Use PHP For Developing The System Since a ticketing system usually has the two distinct parts of a database and an interface, it makes sense to use PHP for developing the system. PHP is a scripting language, commonly used to create websites that are dynamic and database-oriented.

It’s support for the vastly used MySQL database design puts it in an advantageous position. Typically PHP is used to create discussion forums. Apart from ticketing systems, it is used in developing content management systems, website guest books, and calendars.

A PHP ticket system is written in PHP and is usually a sophisticated ticketing system with a MySQL database as its backend. This system is hosted on platforms that can run PHP. It enables addition and use of functions such as user management in sessions and search functions. 29FIVE Helpdesk and osTicket are two of the many PHP ticket systems available today.

A Helpdesk allows you to maintain and monitor tickets while managing your customer and their information details. This system provides separate interfaces for administrators and customers. The web interfaces look more like applications because they have been built using Adobe Flash and run on MySQL and PHP. Therefore, use of this system requires a platform supporting PHP and MySQL.

Most of these Helpdesk was developed as a ticket system for any business that requires a maintenance and support system. The system can also be used for bug tracking in software development. The PHP ticket system allows both operators and customers to create a ticket. These tickets are assigned to operators for direct support to customers. When operators log into the system, they receive and view the tickets assigned to them. Once created, the tickets can be edited, put on hold, reallocated, or closed.

osTicket is a simple, widely-used, lightweight open source free ticket system developed mainly in PHP. The ease with which it can be set up and used makes it a desirable substitute to other expensive and highly complex ticket systems. osTicket lets you easily integrate all tickets with the web interface regardless of whether they are created using email or web-based forms. Despite being simple, it provides the basic functions of easy management, structuring and storage of your service and trouble tickets.

PHP ticket systems such as osTicket support aliases using PERL gateway, POP3 login, unlimited emails and setting up of email intervals for avoiding auto-responder loops. Other basic features include ability to limit the maximum number of tickets that a customer can open, options for filtering messages from replies and ability to accept and limit size of attachments.

osTicket allows administrators to permanently delete tickets from data bank, create departments and groups, create service operators or supporters, manipulate response messages, enable pager compatible email alerts and so on. For operators and supporters, this ticket system provides department-wise restricted access and rights. Users can login with assigned email IDs and ticket numbers. They can use the email ID to access and view tickets sent on that ID.

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