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Business Hosting Can Improve Your Business January 28, 2008

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Business hosting can be an exceedingly complicated affair for any business. Whether it’s a small home office selling the next big thing or a multinational service provider the challenge remains.Stay competitive, stay under budget, always be on and always be right. No big deal! But how to make headway on from the countless number of options available to you the business owner. Let’s take a look at some of the available options.

For the purposes of this article we are going to assume you’re a small business owner ready to make the leap into the world of the internet. Welcome! Now this should go without saying but free hosting is not an option. I know the price is right but you get what you pay for.

The days of geocities hosting a successful webpage for a successful company are long, LONG gone. And thankfully so. Most customers in today’s online world are savvy enough to recognize a free webhosting service when they see it. (Hint-It could be the giant ads slapped all over your company’s website for the hosting provider. Call it a hunch.)

At the prices most hosting services charge there is no reason not to have your site on a paid service. After all if you don’t have twenty dollars a month to pay rent for your online location you’re not even in business.

Paid hosting can be acquired from a multitude of hosting providers. Most offer you several payment options are it monthly quarterly or yearly, with varying discounts for longer term commitments. These packages will offer you a variety of sizes both in storage and bandwidth, email accounts, and server side software implementations.

Don’t be discouraged by the complexity of what’s on offer. At the beginning of your website odds are the smallest hosting package will be fine. When choosing a provider make sure there is no penalty for upgrading your service as you determine your businesses needs. Most hosting providers are more than happy to work with you as your companies online presence grows.

Things to look for are dedicated support numbers. Most lower priced services only provide support through email. Guaranteed uptime. The industry average is 97% but you never want to lose a sale in the 3% gap. Look for 100% guarantees. Just remember if you’re not online, you’re losing out!

Data backup is also an important aspect of hosting. The ideal situation is constant online backups at the hosting provider as well as backups to your webpage/database/accounts on your local system as well. There is nothing worse than losing your entire website to a data loss that could have been prevented by an automated backup system.

Trust me, as a business owner there are two words you never want to hear when it involves you company’s data “total loss”. Other things to stay on the lookout for are server side anti-virus, spam filters, and software packages such as PHP, Joomla, or other content management systems.

As I said before when it comes to hosting, you get what you pay for.

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